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Get Globally Connected! is excited to offer an on-line communications service that has everthing you could possibly need and more. It works just like a browser (like Netscape, AOL or Internet Explorer) on your computer and best of all...

It's free and easy to use!
That's right - this new communications service is absolutely free and all you have to do is click the button below to install it on your PC.

System requirements:
Windows Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98, ME NT 4.0, 1000 and XP.
Macintosh: It is possible to run this software on a Mac if you have a Windows emulator such as Virtual PC.
UNIX/Linux: The software WINE, which is freely available, is required.

Chat rooms
Join with others in designated chat-rooms to make friends and share your experiences in the Arts, Traveling, Nutrition, Dining, Spiritual experiences and more...or create your own chat-room!

Voice and Video
Connect with friends, associates and family with video or instant messages - our software supports all the popular instant messaging services plus we have our own! And with our video connection, you can connect your on-line camera and see and be seen!

Free email account
Email accounts are free with this connection! Set up a spam-free email address with us!

White Board
Use the white board to send art and pictures to your contacts or join in an on-line class where the instructor will use the white board to illustrate the lessons!

Forums and On-Line Classes
Sign up for forums and classes to learn more about your authentic passions! will send you information about these classes absolutely free. Click HERE to join our email and mail list!

and more...
Once you download AuthenticLifestyle's Global Connection software you will discover how unique and user-friendly this new browser is!

if you have questions...
If you have any questions concerning the download and installation of our Global Connection software, please email us so that we can help you connect to all its exciting features such as chat rooms, scheduled forums and classes, free email service and more!

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